Image Tag

The Image tag represents the Image editor in Edit mode and the content from the editor in Preview mode and on a published page.

See also

Read also the Image editor article.

<imcms:image index="1"/>

Available list of tag attributes:

Attribute Type Description
no Integer id of the current text (deprecated version).
index Integer id of the current text (recommended version).
document Integer id of the document from which to take the text. This text cannot be changed on this page.
label String the text editor title (visible to the admin).
showlabel Boolean true (default) - show the label, false - don’t show label.
style String min-width/length, width/length, max-width/length in pixels that limit the size of the image.
pre String text or html before the content (if the content is not empty).
post String text or html after the content (if the content is not empty).
showMode String

Possible values:

  • absence of this attribute/default - the editor is highlighted in Edit mode.
  • small - the editor in Edit mode looks like in the preview, but after clicking it opens the normal editor.


Image tag must have no or index attribute!

Usage example

<imcms:image index="1" label="Test image tag" style="max-width: 120px; max-height: 120px;"/>
<imcms:image index="2" pre="<div>" post="</div>" showMode="small"/>