Start With ImCMS as a Developer

In this article:

Required things

There are some additional requirements if you want to develop ImCMS:

  • git
  • Maven 3+
  • Your favorite IDE, text editor or even only terminal

Download sources

At first you need to clone ImCMS from github by this link:

Building application

Maven is used as a build tool so run next command from project root after sources downloaded:

mvn clean

Success execution means that all was done right.

Then package it:

mvn clean package

Your first package should fail with this message:

Warning file was just created, fill in required properties and run execution again

Open this file (it is located in project root directory) Besides a lot of defaults, find this:

db-host = localhost
db-name = imcms
db-user = root
db-pass =

And write down your database host, name, user and password.

It’s not the end! There are a lot of tests that should be executed on maven’s package phase. Test DB is needed for this purposes. Go to src/test/resources/ and write down correct values for next properties:

JdbcDriver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
JdbcUrl = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/imcms_test?characterEncoding=utf8&useSSL=false
User = root
Password = root

Pay attention to JdbcUrl property - there is a DB name after localhost:3306/, by default it is imcms_test, so you can create DB with such name (just like in Before You Start section) or with another name - then simply put this name into file instead of default DB name.

Since you’ve done, execute maven clean package again:

mvn clean package

All tests should be executed successfully, application built and ready to use. Deploy it to Tomcat and run.