Overview of ImCMS

ImCMS is a web application that provides the ability to create, manage, and modify content. The system includes many useful and flexible features and provides a user-friendly graphical interface that is intuitive to any user.

Content Editing

There are many powerful editing tools available in a ImCMS that make it easy to create and modify content.

Text Editor is a powerful tool that allows users to create and edit content with ease. With a range of formatting options, users can quickly create professional-looking content without any coding skills.

Image Editor - users can easily resize, crop, rotate and compress images without the need for external image editing software. This feature is especially useful for creating visually appealing web pages. Additionally, Image Library allows users to upload, store, and manage images. With a range of organization and search features, users can quickly find and use the resource they need.

Menu Editor allows users to easily create and modify website navigation menus. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can add, remove, and reorder menu items, making it easy to customize the website’s navigation structure.


ImCMS allows users to create and manage content in multiple languages, making it easy to create localized versions of the website.

Versioning and History

System provides versioning of documents and content items by creating a working version for editing and a published version that is live on the website. Users can view the history and easily restore previous versions. This feature is useful for collaborative content creation and helps ensure that only approved content is published on the website.

Access Control

ImCMS provides access control by allowing users to create roles with specific rights and permissions. Roles determine what actions a user can perform within the ImCMS. This feature is useful for managing large teams and can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive content.

Full-Text Searching

ImCMS provides fast full-text search capabilities that allow users to search for content within web pages and files. This feature allows users to quickly find relevant information by searching through the entire website.