Logging in

When ImCMS is running, it’s URL consist of next parts:

  • Protocol - http or https
  • Host - localhost if running locally, or any another if it is dev/prod
  • Port - usually :8080 or another (optional)
  • Context path - could be anything after previous parts (optional)

The simplest variation is https://imcode.com, and for local is http://localhost:8080/imcms

There is a URL reserved for logging in - /login. Simply add it after ImCMS URL, so you can get this (using previous examples): https://imcode.com/login. You should see next page (this is an old design):


By default login and password is the same - admin.

There is possibility to set next url after login:

next_meta - id of desired document next_url - URL that user will be redirected to after successful logging in. Can be taken from current page URL before redirect, so user will be returned back.