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Template is a page layout. Every Text document has a template and represents web page. You can use the template in many documents.

All templates are located in /WEB-INF/templates/text.


The template file must have one of the following extensions: jsp, jspx, html.

jsp is a recommended extension, because you can use custom ImCMS tags in jsp only.

Template Management

You can manage templates in the following ways:

  1. In the Tomcat. Add a new template file to WEB-INF/templates/text and restart the Tomcat. After removing the template, you also have to restart the Tomcat. You can edit the layout of the template without rebooting.

  2. In the ImCMS. You can add a new template file, edit the layout and remove using Admin Page -> Files tab.

To set a template for a Text document, use the Page Info -> Appearance tab.