First Web Page

You see the default page when you go into ImCMS. In order to create own page, follow next steps:

1. Log in

Go to <domain-name>/login, enter admin/admin. You are a superadmin now.


2. Create a text-type document

Go to Document Manager.


Press + button.


Select Text Document.


Enter 1001 and press Create button.


Specify another alias and title


Press OK button. We can see the document we created in the list.


3. Edit text

Go to Edit mode. And click the indicated button to start editing the text.


Write something in the field, specify the desired styles, and click the indicated button to save the changes.


4. Switch to preview mode

Let’s switch to preview mode to check how our page looks.


6. Publish the document

Everything is fine. Let’s publish the document to make it available to everyone. Click Publish button on the admin panel.

6. Log Out

Click Logout button on the admin panel.

7. Check the result

You’re a regular visitor now. Note that this page is available by the alias we specified earlier.