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The Document Manager displays all documents sorted by date modified. You can change the order and sorting by clicking on the heading of a column. Besides, you can change the search results by entering some free text, selecting the owner of the document or the category which the document should have (take a look at the fields above the table).


The user may not be able to see all documents due to lack of permissions. Also a document may be search disabled. How permissions affect you can read in the article Access Control.


Document Management

Create Document

In order to create a new document, you have to:

  1. Click + button.

  2. In the open window, select the document type and click Ok.

  3. Choose a profile (more details here) or a document id/alias that will be inherited for the current document and click Create.

  4. Click Ok after filling in the required fields in the page info.

Edit Document

To edit a document, you have to move the mouse over the document and click pencil that appears.

Copy Document

To copy a document, you have to move the mouse over the document and click copy that appears.

Remove Document


In order to remove documents or put it in the waste basket, you have to:

  1. Enable Remove switch button.

  2. Select the necessary documents.

  3. Click Actions and select the desired action.

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