Text Document Management

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Text Document represents a web page. In this article, we’ll take a look at special tabs for Text documents in the Page Info.

Metadata Tab

Metadata – is an equivalent entity to HTML <meta name=”…” property=”…” content=”…”> tag.

Here you can add, delete, change metas. Each language has unique metadata so you can control it differently.


In order to add new one, you have to:

  1. Press ADD+ button.

  2. Then select required meta name.

  1. Write value.


In order to delete meta tag, you have to click on X.


After saving, you can see the added metas only in Preview mode.


After publishing the document, you can see the added metas also on a public page.



If after adding metas you do not have them on the page, then ask the developer to enable this feature or read Metadata article.

If you need additional meta name, ask the developer to add it or read Metadata article.

Appearance Tab

Template is a page layout.

Default child template is a template that a new document will have after creating from the current document (enter the id/alias of the current document at the time of creation).


Permission Settings Tab

This tab is used to set the restricted permission types that are used in the Access tab.

  • Edit text - access to text editors + VIEW

  • Edit menu - access to menu editors + VIEW

  • Edit image - access to image editors + VIEW

  • Edit loop - access to loop editors + VIEW

  • Edit doc info - access to Page Info, with limitations (No access to Metadata, Permission Setting, Properties, All data tabs) + VIEW

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All Data Tab

This tab displays all the content of the working version for each language. We also have the opportunity to go to a separate editor and change the necessary content.